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Using TEXT to make your video stand out!!

Does dealing with typography give you a headache? Do you often struggle when adding text to a video? In the process of visual communication, text is an important element. A good presentation of text can convey the emotion of your video to your audience. Today, I will introduce you to the various text functions available in VCUS.

The first is Text Templates. In VCUS, you can choose a text template you like and edit the text.

VCUS has many templates, such as text templates for time/location and templates with social media logos.

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Using TEXT to make your video stand out 02

You can change the text in the template as you wish, and the text you enter will be automatically applied to the template.

Using TEXT to make your video stand out 03

Second, you can add text to the video manually.

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Using TEXT to make your video stand out 05

And, of course, you can switch fonts freely.

There are many different fonts and languages built in to VCUS, which is very helpful for creating introductions for your daily vlogs.

Here are 8 tips for using text in videos:

1. Make the font style uniform

Try to use the same font. Excessive text styles will create a messy visual effect for the viewer.

2. Adjust the font spacing

Increase or decrease the distance between the letters to improve the reading experience, but avoid using spacing that is too narrow or too wide.

3. How to align text

Alignment is the most basic rule in typesetting. As long as the human eye sees something neatly arranged, it will instinctively perceive it as beautiful, and the same is true for text on videos.

4. Rules for the use of pattern fonts

Pattern fonts are most suitable for the prominent embellishment of part of the text, so avoid excessive use.

5. Font size control

Use different sizes of text on for certain situations to improve the viewer’s ability to see key information.

6. Concise textual expression

Keep the text concise. This makes it easier for viewers to quickly understand your message.

7. Color matching

Color is used to express the soul of a video. Some combinations of colors can be unattractive and can ruin the overall visual effect.

8. Categorize text

Clearly expressing a message often requires creating a hierarchy of information, with different sizes and colors for each section. Hierarchy vastly improves the viewers ability to read and understand the text.

Come try out VCUS and quickly improve your videos!