Useful tips to make successful stories Ads (2) 00

Useful tips to make successful stories Ads (2)

Most businesses publish IG Stories at a time when interaction volumes are thought to be the highest because it can help your post get more attention, but the duration of this period is very short and sometimes you need to try posting again if the peak time for interactions is missed. But there is actually no such problem on Instagram because users come from all over the world, and while you are sleeping the person on the opposite side of the world is swiping away on their phone.

There is so much content on Instagram, and your posts will usually be overwhelmed by a large amount of content 3 to 4 hours after posting, so it is important to choose the best posting time. Here are a few points to help you promote.

1. Release according to your target user’s most active time zone

First of all, find the time zone of your core target users. For example, if most of your target users are in New York then you should publish posts according to EST time zone so that more of your target users can see your posts and follow your account.

2. Release during meal breaks

Generally speaking, the best release time is 11 am-1 pm for lunch and 7 pm-9 pm for dinner. You can arrange for the posts to be published in advance.

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3. Important posts should be published on weekdays

The average engagement on Instagram will vary between workdays and non-workdays. According to statistics, Wednesday and Thursday have the most user participation, and Sunday has the least.

But these are general rules. To find the best time to post on your brand account, you can use Instagram’s built-in Instagram Insights function to analyze when your audience is most active on Instagram. You can also view your followers’ location information by country or city, then you can know which time zone is the best for releasing your content.

In order to not miss these time points that may help you grow your business, it is recommended that you use the timing function of VCUS. You can directly link your Instagram account to VCUS, and once you make a video you can use the scheduled release function, set the date and time, and VCUS will automatically help you publish it.

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4. Good user experience

The simpler things are, the more addictive they are. On Instagram, all users can do is post pictures, follow, like, and comment. There are only three types of pages that need to be viewed: content feed, explore page, and profile page, making it easier to find the content you want to see without spending a lot of energy.

How to use IG Stories to grow your business

Simply put, your IG Stories should match your brand’s marketing strategy. But the approach to driving traffic requires careful consideration.

Before arranging your plan, please refer to the following strategies, which may help you increase your ratings.

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1. Preview the story on the main feed.

To attract traffic to your Instagram story, a reliable way is to post about it on the main feed.

Post a “preview” photo or video on your main feed and then imply that the rest of the post is in your story, which forces viewers to explore what is missing. Since the story disappears after 24 hours, this method can eliminate the fear of missing out on events or FOMO. The only way to solve this problem is to archive the story on your profile page.

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2. Highlight it.

Bright spots can also become traffic drivers. If you encourage user-generated content, save it in the highlighted location when sharing it in your stories. Then, tag the customer who posted the content. If the audience sees you calling out a customer, they will be more inclined to look back to see if their submission has been selected.

3. Promote the story on other channels.

Another way to attract traffic to your story is to let your audience know about your Instagram page elsewhere. Adding a simple “Follow us on Instagram!” call-to-action in an email newsletter or on other social media accounts will let audiences other than your current Instagram followers know that there is another way to interact with your brand.

4. Run an interactive story.

Finally, hosting a contest or Q&A on Instagram will increase traffic because it encourages audience participation. For example, if you host a contest, give away an item, and set one of the rules as tagging two friends, you can spread your content through your audience’s efforts.

Similarly, if you allow followers to interact directly with your brand, then they are more inclined to view your story to get more interaction opportunities. In this way, you can strengthen customer relationships.

We hope this information will help you grow your business together with VCUS, so that your brand can get more followers.