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How to use music tracks to make your ads successful

Music can inject soul into a video, allowing the audience to better feel the emotion that the video wants to convey. Therefore, one of the most important links in the video editing process is choosing the right music. In this article, we will briefly talk about how to choose the right music.

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1 . Don’t let the music occupy the viewer’s attention.

When a video is being produced, it is first necessary to define the type of video you want to make, and then think about what you want it to express. Is it scary? Sad? Joyful? Touching? Analyze the rhythm of the video carefully, is it fast-paced or slow-paced? The music you choose must match the development of the plot and the mood of the scenes. Then, after you think about these ideas and have a clear plan, you can choose your music according to the category and then put the music in the video to see how it feels. Generally speaking, slow-paced music is suitable for long shots or videos with less switching of shots; fast-paced, more intense music is suitable for fast-paced multi-shot switching, which is common for mixed cuts. In most cases, the emotions are concentrated and a single short video can express an emotion with just one song.

If you try to put fast-paced songs into a long-shot video, you will find that the video feels uncoordinated and clumsy . In this case, the rhythm of the music will draw the viewer’s attention away and they will not be focused on the scenes in the video. Using VCUS can help you solve this problem to a large extent. Every template that appears in VCUS is equipped with appropriate corresponding songs, which can be used to coordinate with different types of scene-switching or lens stretching. It is worth mentioning that these templates were selected by professional designers, so they will be a great help to people who are confused about choosing the right music.

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2 . The music should match the video content.

When choosing music, you need to make a targeted choice based on the content of the video or the image of the brand being promoted. Choosing the appropriate music can improve the viewer’s overall impression of the video. For example, adding music with a clear rhythm and strong transition points to a video about sports, and adding festival-related music to a video about festivals can all increase the viewer’s attention and understanding of the video and enhance the video’s memory points in the viewer’s mind. For brands, the obstacles they face are different, as they will need to choose the best music for attracting customers. Brands geared towards teenagers should use music with a lighter rhythm. Brands geared towards women need to use music to create a romantic and elegant sentiment that places women in a romantic and warm world. Your choice of music has a great influence on the content of the video, so choosing the right music is one of the most important parts.

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3 . Consider how much music you need.

A video tells a story, and the story often has many paragraphs. Some paragraphs are cheerful, some are sad, some are exhilarating, some are funny. So, choosing how many different songs to use and when to switch songs can be determined according to the paragraphs in the video. We recommend you focus first on editing the video content before selecting your desired music. A typical example is a TikTok short video. There may be multiple transitions to the content in just ten seconds, and users will match different music according to the transitions.

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4 . Music copyright restrictions.

Where can I find music when I need it? At present, all major music platforms have download functions but you must keep in mind that these songs have copyright restrictions. While personal-use of songs may be no problem, with commercial-use we must be cautious. Many short video platforms come with a lot of background music available for you to use. You can edit and upload songs and then choose from the music library, but this has many limitations and most of the songs can only be used within the platform. VCUS can help you solve the problem of copyright restrictions, as all the music in VCUS is commercially available, so any video made with VCUS can be used on various platforms for free!

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After reading the suggestions above, do you still think it’s difficult to choose the right music? As long as you put in the effort and focus on the content itself, anyone can use music to make a great video.