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How to make a FANTASTIC video for your child

More and more mothers like to use short videos to record or share their children’s daily life and growth process. Children bring joy to everyone, but sometimes, children’s actions are unpredictable, and it is not always easy to record these funny or memorable scenes. Therefore, I bring you some tips to help you make better quality videos through VCUS.

Shot of the lens

For an excellent life recording video, the stability of the picture is essential. First of all, on the shooting screen, I recommend using the landscape mode to shoot and try to ensure the lens’s stability. If your hands are not stable enough, you can use a stand or professional vlog shooting equipment. An excellent durable lens will significantly increase your choice of video material.

There will be parents who say that there are so many things I take with my children daily, and it may not be so convenient to carry when I go out, what fantastic performance of the temporary kid may not have time to take out the equipment. There are two ways to alleviate temporarily: one is to try to find support for your hand; the other is to reduce your hand shaking through VCUS cropping the video.


If you can, squatting down to take pictures tends to be more aesthetic. When we lower our shooting perspective to the height of a child, it will also allow us to take more photos of the child’s expressions and a sense of participation.

Use light and shadow rationally

An ordinary hand close-up may be a bit normal, and a backlit hand close-up may have emotions; shaking feet may convey brisk emotions, coupled with changes in light, convey different emotions~

Make fair use of slow motion and repetitive motion

Make reasonable use of lens features when performing post-processing in VCUS to help people watching the video understand what you want to express and deepen the viewer’s impression.


The back gives people unlimited space for reverie. First of all, you need to find a clean background. If you want to take a good-looking back, you don’t just stand in the background blankly. Similarly, you need to guide your kid to do some things, such as watching distant buildings and watching planes in the sky, etc. Recording videos in this way will have a sense of substitution and storytelling.

Use of props

First of all, if you choose to use props to take the video, kids must be interested in it. Secondly, the choice of props will be according to the theme of the video.

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For example, suppose you want to shoot a group of people going to the spring outing theme. In that case, you have to choose props that allow your kid to concentrate on one thing because many children will be uncontrollable on location and will run around, such as blowing bubbles, windmills. Until the kid can focus on doing one thing, and then we go to shoot.

If you are shooting at home, you have to choose the things that will appear at home, such as vegetables, tableware, drinking glasses, and so on.

So there are many options for props. The key is that we must have eyes that are good at discovering beauty. Using good props will add points to the video, so feel the beauty of life.


If a group of videos is all close frontal shots, it will look very monotonous, and if there are a few such small details, it will add attractive points to the video.

Observe the kid’s movements. The fleshy little hands and feet, the long eyelashes, and the moment kid stand on tiptoe are all warm moments.

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These are all the little tricks. In my opinion, filming a video for children is recording their life, and recording an ordinary and quiet life is the best.